The Wingate Barn is truly a one-of-a-kind wedding location. It is located on a large plot of land right in front of a corn field, giving it that country feel. The spacious barn is about 40 by 80 feet large, and able to seat well over 200 people inside. As shown in the pictures, it is decorated with lights on the inside, giving it a whimsical charm. A perfect setting for a reception, as well as a ceremony! There is an arch outside by the field, which also makes a beautiful spot for a ceremony. At the rear of the barn, there is a small room accessible from outside that is furnished, and perfect for the bride and bridesmaids to get ready in. When I visited the barn in the summer of 2012, renting it included access to it Friday through Sunday for your wedding weekend. Friday for setting up, and Sunday for take-down. 13 banquet tables, access to three refrigerators, and a built-in bathroom are included. If you are interested in having your wedding here, the owner is Dolores Cicero (585-755-5085).





Photo credit: Hanlon Weddings (last photo)